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Menstrual Cups Offer Freedom From Period Bondage

by Menstrual Cups (2016-10-09)

I dearly love menstrual cups so much that I feel free from period bondage and compelled to offer my glowing cup review. My once-dreaded period is now more of a Minor Annoyance than a Massive Upsetting Deal (I'm not one of those women who loves the beauty and nature of the flow, although this product has actually made me appreciate it a little more). I first heard of it from some fellow workers: one who had just converted to period cups, and one who was considering the freedom the offer. "It sounds like a liberating idea," said I, "but I can't imagine freedom from period bondage by changing and cleaning a menstrual cup out in a public restroom!" It was then pointed out to me that, generally, you can insert the Menstrual Cup once in the morning and once at night. My interest was piqued. I had long left daytime pads behind (demoralizing wet diapers - how some vagina-squeamish friends of mine prefer to wear them is beyond me) but was never thrilled with tampons. There was the unpredictability of flow, the panic if I was somewhere that didn't have a trash can in the bathroom or stall, and, oh yes, the fact that I didn't like wearing them overnight because of TSS risk. See: back to demoralizing wet diapers. And both those options leave the Disgusting Smelly Trash Syndrome: no matter how clean I was down there, how well-wrapped my discarded tampon or pad, how much I changed the trash, there was always that telltale smell. Sorry for the grossness, but ladies, let's face it, we can be clean as anything, but period blood + air = odor. The luna cup offers menstrual freedom and has changed all this!

I'm not freaked out by my body, so my only remaining concern was how easy it would be to insert and remove the cup. As my menstrual cycle loomed ever closer, I bit the bullet and bought one online. Now, as a slightly-framed childless late twenties women, I wondered if I truly needed to buy the Size 2 period cup. However, after reading the section on The Menstrual Cup's website which seemed aimed directly towards people with that mindset, I swallowed my ever-so-slight vanity and bought Luna Size 2.

I read the instructions on how to use the menstrual cup before my first insertion. I folded into the "U" shape, aimed towards the cervix as opposed to wherever I normally aimed with tampons, and grasped and rotated after it was up there. was glorious. REAL FREEDOM! I cannot rave enough about how immediately amazing this product was for me. I had no leakage, no odor, and, frankly, no telltale period symptoms whatsoever. Feeling Totally free from bongage, i completely forgot I even had the period cup in my vagina. I went to the gym with no problems. I slept overnight in it with no problems. In short, it changed my life. Absolute freedom and no worries about bringing the right tampons, about shuffling them carefully into a pocket so no one would know, and no need to change in public. Changing it in the mornings and evenings is enough for me. I loved it so much that - wait for it - I even put it in the day I expected my period (I'm fairly regular) and while I didn't start until the next day, it solved the pesky "Oh no! I am caught off guard and now have ruined underwear!" I went to change it before bed and, oh look, it started. No biggie.

It's difficult for me to not run up to every woman I know and talk about how free from period bondage i feel and how much I adore menstrual cups. I wish I could convert all of my friends - even the squeamish ones who avoid their ladyparts at all costs - because I feel like it has emancipated me so much from the "bondage" i felt with my menstrual cycle and period.

I do still experience cramping the first day of my flow, but it is nothing out of the ordinary and actually seems to lessen faster than with tampons. At the end of the cycle, I boil the cup as directed and put it back into its little velvet bag. My boyfriend probably thinks I just like to keep some girly product in a bag that says "Menstrual Cup". I'm just fine with that.

One tip I will share which helped a newly-converted friend to conquer her period bonfage and slight battle with the menstrual cup: really, really remember to UN-clench your pelvic/vaginal muscles as you're inserting the cup. You may think you're relaxed, but without realizing it, you might be clenching, and it can make it tricky to insert (I learned that on my first try and have had no problems since.) With removal, PUSH (or bear down) like you're doing a #2. (You won't, I promise.) get your fingers around the base and pinch and pull. It should come out easily, and without pain. It is a vast improvement over the dreaded "dry tampon" (ouch!)

I hope this menstrual cup review helps any women sitting on the fence. I absolutely adore menstrual cups. I love that they have made me feel like i am in control of and do not mind my period so much. It's like it's barely there. I will never go back to tampons (or the dreaded overnight pad!)

Women, menstrual cups will emancipate you. I dont believe that their is anything you won’t be able to do when you have your next period.
You will free from restraint and your next period doesn’t have to stop you from doing the things you usually do. You can still go to work or school, do regular stuff, see your friends, play sports and do all the things you’d normally do. Free from bondage.


Re: Menstrual Cups Offer Freedom From Period Bondage

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