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TutuApp iOS Download

by cinema box apk (2017-09-23)

Apple is one of the most trusted and a standard smartphone manufacturer and all the applications and tools are provided from the company directly unlike the Android operating system. So, all the applications you download are safe and trusted, but due to this many third party apps fail to get into the app store, so they just provide the application file to their users to manually install it on their smartphone.

 This situation was going on for a while after which many developers came forward to create an app store like application in which all other applications which were not listed in the app store will be featured and anyone can download them and install them. There are a lot of applications like this, but the most trusted application is the TutuApp Download

The TutuApp iOS originated from China and today the app is available in almost all languages and you can download the application from their official site and install it on your iPhone or iPad or any iOS powered devices. The application works perfectly in iOS 9 and above and the developers are coming up with new updates weekly to improve the availability and performance of the application.

The installation process is a bit complicated so follow the instructions mentioned below carefully to install the app without any issues. Make sure that your device is running iOS 9 or above and get started.

  1. Open the Safari Browser on your phone, as other browsers will throw an error while downloading the file.
  2. After opening Safari browsers, visit the link mentioned below and download the application, there will be two options to download one is a VIP version and the other is the Free version, choose accordingly, if you choose VIP you have to pay before you can download the app.
  3. Now, after downloading the file just open the downloaded file and it will show a warning stating that the app will change your system profile, it’s nothing to worry, just click “Install Now” and continue.
  4. After successful installation, head on to setting and then navigate to General, then to Profiles and Device Management, now click the enterprise profile parallel to Tutu App.
  5. A popup will appear stating that the developer will be able to access your data and other things, click on trust and now you can open your application and use it without any issues.

I hope you guys have successfully installed the application on your iOS device by following the guide. Never install the app from other websites which are not the official tutu site, as it may contain virus or malware. If you face any problem while installation or in downloading part, kindly comment below, we will help you in fixing it.

Here you can check all the details of the TutuApp from it's official website link -