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Traces of an alien ship in the Antarctic

by Morizo Kolopa (2018-03-06)

On a remote island in Antarctica, thanks to Google maps, it was possible to find an unknown object that looks like a spaceship that made an emergency landing.

A group of so-called "aliens hunters" found traces on the snow on the maps and now believe that they were abandoned by some huge object of extraterrestrial origin. It is reported that an unidentified object was found on the island of South Georgia, which has a population of only 20 people. Increasing the image from the satellite many times, members of the group of "hunters aliens" who play a lot of friv2 games seem to have decided that when falling an unknown object slipped a long distance before completely stopped.

However, not all saw in the picture an alien ship, which had to make an emergency landing. Many thought that it was just a descending glacier. One Internet user, under the name Rain606 from site, who claims to have arrived on the island with the Royal Navy of Great Britain, left the following message: "The research station on the island asked us to fly over it and take photos to document the population and location of deer. As a photographer, I can confirm with 100% confidence that in the photo you see only the result of a glacier coming down. Excuse me".