Vol. 15: Call for Papers

Based from the theme of the 4th International Conference on Hate Studies – “Engaging with Communities for Justice”, submissions for Volume 15 of the Journal for Hate Studies should represent original or substantially original work not previously published elsewhere. We are especially interested in full paper submissions that align with the 2017 International Conference on Hate Studies.

The Journal of Hate Studies selection process for publication is a competitive one. Final contributions should be 5,000-7,000 words in length, speak to the conference theme, and formatted according to the APA 6th Edition. Papers will be blind peer reviewed and vetted by the Hate Journal Editorial Board for alignment with Gonzaga University and the Institute for Hate Studies mission and vision.

Preference for Volume 15 will be given to submissions that engage one or more of the following themes:

  • Strategies for engaging different communities in conversations and joint action to support justice and equity.
  • Innovative or demonstrably effective responses to acts of hate or bias (e.g. racial bias, homophobia, religious intolerance) committed within schools, organizations, local communities, national governments, or global structures that advance peace, acceptance, tolerance, and justice.
  • The leadership role or potential of specific sectors and vocations (law enforcement, non-profit organizations, primary and secondary education, higher education, business, etc.) in challenging individual or organized activities, practices, and/or policies of hatred or intolerance (e.g. hate speech, hate/bias crime).
  • Solutions and strategies for changing policies, laws, and practices that sustain or encourage hate, intolerance, or inequality, that help build effective cross-sector relations for change/reform.
  • Context-specific or comparative analyses of manifestations of hate or intolerance within or across cultures and countries, and processes or methods by which individuals or groups can evaluate, better recognize, and reject hateful or intolerant attitudes, actions, beliefs, and speech.

Volume 15 will be co-edited by Dr. Kem Gambrell (gambrell@gonzaga.edu) and Dr. Lazarina Topuzova (topuzova@rmu.edu). Initial abstracts of 500 words, along with a brief bio and contact information, should be sent directly to the editors no later than December 3, 2017. Authors will then be notified of abstract acceptance for submission of full papers.

The Journal of Hate Studies is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal published by Gonzaga University’s Institute for Hate Studies. JHS is committed to excellence and innovation in the scholarly study of hate and to providing a forum for discussing research-based practices to combat hate. Please visit http://www.gonzaga.edu/hatestudies for additional information.