Applied Anthropology and Anti-Hate Activism

Jennifer Schlegel


This paper examines my journey from activist, to educator, to researcher, and back, and the implications the journey has for developing effective anti-hate collaborations and educational practices. After being notified that my name and contact information had been posted on a white supremacist’s website, I re-considered my role as an anti-hate activist and turned to teaching. Combining my activist experience with my anthropology background, I developed a course, “Hate Across Cultures.” Using multi-disciplinary academic resources and featuring guest lectures from representatives of various government agencies, this class provides a space for students to learn and talk about the origins of hate, hate across cultures, and hate in their own region. Students apply their knowledge and develop strategies to combat hate in their everyday lives. This has inspired me to begin a research project on local hate practices with the ultimate goal of developing and implementing more effective local anti-hate strategies.


anti-hate activism; applied anthropology

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